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“Leading our project teams for Code Power customers has given me a unique opportunity to oversee a diverse array of projects simultaneously. The ability to collaborate with clients individually to make their vision a reality is extremely rewarding.”

“One of the best things about working for Optic Power is having the ability to work with such diverse types of clients and products. The opportunity to help a company go from zero to success is an incredible feeling, and knowing our team at Optic Power had a hand in that is awesome.”

“As a recent graduate, I was welcomed with open arms into this awesome organization. The ongoing motivation and culture of empowerment continue to push me to keep learning and driving forward every day.”

“Code Power has afforded me the opportunity to take on a lot of personal responsibility, and to grow immensely as a person and a professional. I’m humbled to work with a team that takes pride in delivering exceptional products while maintaining a selfless culture for supporting individual and company-wide growth. “